Episode 7 - Shane Mauss (Psychonautics documentary)

Shane Mauss is a standup comedian, a podcaster, and an explorer of inner space. In this interview, we discuss Shane's last big tour, "A Good Trip" which featured standup comedy about psychedelic research and psychedelics in our culture. 

More recently, Shane made a documentary called Psychonautics: A Comic's Exploration of Psychedelics.

Listen to our conversation here:

He also has a new tour, Stand Up Science, coming to a city near you.

This interview was part of some research for a project on public relations for "fringe" movements. We don't talk about travel, an expedition, or anything like that. But, after watching Psychonautics recently, it became very clear to me that Shane embodies the spirit of adventure and exploration that this show is about. 

Shane's podcast, Here We Are, features weekly interviews with scientists around the world.

Shane's website: http://www.shanemauss.com/