#10 - Marcus Hudson (Russian travel, culture, visas and language, Let's Russia visa service)

Marcus Hudson is an American living in Moscow. He is the founder of Let's Russia, a Russian Visa service and travel resource. I stopped in Moscow and met up with Marcus on my recent train trip from Morocco to South Korea.

Marcus Hudson web pic.jpg

We talked about how he came to live in Russia, traveling in Russia, applying for a visa, how Russian grammar might affect aspects of Russian culture, and being an expat in general.

Check out Marcus's company at https://letsrussia.com/

Listen to our conversation here:


#9 - Dave Imus (master cartographer, Imus Geographics, The Essential Geography of the United States)

Dave Imus is an award winning and world renowned cartographer based near Eugene, Oregon.


He's the artist behind The Essential Geography of the United States, which is widely considered the best paper map of the US that's ever been produced. Dave and I sat down to talk about his background and inspiration as a mapmaker, his work process, the heritage behind his cartographic style, and the importance of strong geographic literacy.

Check out Dave's work at https://www.imusgeographics.com/

Oregon Public Broadcasting produced this nice video piece on Dave last summer:

Episode 8 - Max Sugerman (South America in a school bus, On The Bus Productions)

Max Sugerman is a videographer and a photographer, and a part of multimedia group On The Bus Productions.


Recently, Max and his colleagues from On The Bus took a converted school bus on a road trip through South America. Along the way, they documented the experience and the people they met with videos and a podcast.

Max and I talked about traveling on a school bus and how it changes the dynamic of a trip, difficult driving conditions, and some of the experiences and challenges they had on their journey.

Check out Max’s Instagram page, the On The Bus YouTube Channel, and the On The Bus Podcast.

The switchbacks between Chachapoyas and Cajamarca, Peru.

The switchbacks between Chachapoyas and Cajamarca, Peru.


Episode 7 - Shane Mauss (Psychonautics documentary)

Shane Mauss is a standup comedian, a podcaster, and an explorer of inner space. In this interview, we discuss Shane's last big tour, "A Good Trip" which featured standup comedy about psychedelic research and psychedelics in our culture. 

More recently, Shane made a documentary called Psychonautics: A Comic's Exploration of Psychedelics.

Listen to our conversation here:

He also has a new tour, Stand Up Science, coming to a city near you.

This interview was part of some research for a project on public relations for "fringe" movements. We don't talk about travel, an expedition, or anything like that. But, after watching Psychonautics recently, it became very clear to me that Shane embodies the spirit of adventure and exploration that this show is about. 

Shane's podcast, Here We Are, features weekly interviews with scientists around the world.

Shane's website: http://www.shanemauss.com/

Episode 6 - Tal Oran (The Traveling Clatt)

Tal Oran (@thetravelingclatt) is a travel vlogger and filmmaker. His YouTube channel, TheTravelingClatt, features informative and entertaining videos about his world travels. You'll find information about cities, areas, things to do, places to eat and stay, and how to organize a trip of your own.

In this episode, we talk about crossing the Atlantic ocean aboard a cargo ship, train journeys, and Tal's video making process. He also shared some behind the scenes insight about YouTube's travel video category.

Check him out on social media @thetravelingclatt

Listen to our conversation here:

Episode 5 - Dan and Elaine Vardamis

Dan and Elaine are the real deal.

They ski, hike or bike in the mountains above Boulder, Colorado almost every single day, and often travel for far away snow and mountains. Among other things they’ve thru hiked the Continental Divide Trail, completed a notable traverse in Colorado’s San Juan Range, skied all over Norway, have raced competitively on the ski mountaineering circuit.

In the spring of 2018, they traveled to Greenland to attempt a ski traverse of the ice sheet. And, as is so often the case with challenging expeditions like this one, things didn’t go exactly as planned.

We talked about their trip to Greenland, logistics for Arctic expeditions, and how to integrate adventure and connection with nature into our everyday lives.

You can check out Dan and Elaine’s blog at https://altabackcountry.com/

Listen to our conversation here:

Dan and Elaine were featured in a Warren Miller film. Check it out here:

Episode 4 - Jonathan George

Today’s guest is Jonathan George.

Copy of IMG-20171231-WA0005.jpg

Jonathan speaks a handful of languages fluently. He’s worked in the Rocky Mountains for the US Forest Service, was a tour guide for three years in Egypt and Jordan, and has led trips and semester long programs in Central and South America, Africa, India and Southeast Asia.  

He’s taught SCUBA in Honduras and Indonesia, French language in Mumbai, and led cycling tours in Vietnam, Thailand, and Myanmar.

He’s driven from England to Mongolia, and from Switzerland to Namibia down Africa’s west coast in a Fiat Panda.

In this episode, we focused on his Africa road trip.

(In the first photo, Jonathan’s on the left in the brimmed hat.)

We talked about traveling in West Africa, overland travel, and the places, people and challenges he encountered on his journey.

Listen to our conversation here:

Episode 3 - Julian Smith

Julian Smith is a writer based in Portland, Oregon. Specializing in travel and science, he’s written guidebooks to El Salvador, Ecuador, Virginia, the Four Corners region, and Portland, and his writing has been featured in Smithsonian, Wired, Outside, National Geographic Traveler, The Los Angeles Times, and The Washington Post, among many others.

He’s also the author of a book called Crossing the Heart of Africa: An Odyssey of Love and Adventure.

After learning about Ewart Grogan, a British explorer who in 1898 made a landmark crossing of the African continent, Julian was inspired to explore some of the same parts of Africa himself. Like Grogan, Julian started in the south and headed north. In the book, Julian tells Grogan’s story, details his own journey, and explores some of the parallels between his life and Grogan’s.

We talked about Crossing the Heart of Africa, Ewart Grogan, travel writing, and traveling in Africa.

Listen to our conversation here:

Check out Julian’s website at http://www.juliansmith.com/

Photos property of Julian Smith.

Episode 2 - James Simmons

James Simmons is an experiential educator, a former wilderness therapy instructor, a musician, a climber, a yogi, and an experienced and thoughtful traveler.

James has hitchhiked all over the world. We talked about hitchhiking, letting go, and what we stand to gain from being brave.

Listen to our conversation here:

Photos property of James Simmons.

Episode 1 - Jorge Latre

Jorge Latre is an ultra runner, an Arctic explorer, a pilot, an electrical engineer, and a fascinating and insightful man. In winter 2018, he completed the Iditasport 1000 (which runs from Anchorage to Nome along the Iditarod trail) on foot, using snowshoes.

We talked about the Arctic, this race, how he prepared for it, and the concepts of mastery, pain, and how to discover what you’re good at.

Listen to our conversation here:

Photos property of Jorge Latre.

Check out Jorge’s website at https://coldlatitudes.com/